Mark Pinner

Sensei Pinner has been training in the martial arts for 47 years and has achieved Black Belt rank in six separate styles of Karate. His competition career reflects his diligent practice including ten consecutive National titles in Men’s Kumite (Fighting) from 1990-1999, two Gold Medals in the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, Washington, and introduction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as both the 1990 & 1997 Fighter of the Year.

After winning the WKO World Championships at Disney’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida, he became the 1998 Men’s Heavyweight WKO World Champion. In 2006, Mark Pinner was named AAU Karate Man of the Year and elected into the 2006 AAU Karate Hall of Fame. He is an internationally rated Karate Referee and in 2007 was appointed to the AAU National Referee Council and elected as the AAU District Sport Director for Karate in Florida.